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This is a blog about our life. I started the blog because we lived overseas for my husbands job. That meant it was hard to keep family, back in The States, in the loop about what we were up to. It also became a great way to share my sons birth story with everyone who we wish could have been there. I slowly got busy with life & stopped blogging. Here we are in 2014, living back in the good ol' USA & as we make life changes I find this to be a great way to share my thoughts and save them for my son to look back on someday.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


So I am sitting here at the computer listening to Tejano music. Makes me super homesick. Back home in Texas we can turn the radio on at any moment and hear some good ol' Tejano music. Most weekends you can even find a band to go see. Anyways...I know I was born and raised in a different state but that state will never be home to me. Texas is home. Texas will always be home to us. I'm sitting here thinking about all the things Chango is going to miss out on because he will be a Military brat and not raised in Texas. Sure we can go home and visit often but its not the same as being immersed in the culture 24/7. I am super grateful for the opportunities he will have because he is the child of a military member but I wish we could have our cake and eat it too.
Some people might think I am crazy because we live in Europe and I would rather be in Texas. Europe is great for travel and fun but I would not want to live here forever and LOVE LOVE the United States! We miss out on so much being so far away. Sure we can make memories here, but I would much rather have memories of time with family than touring Europe. When we do finally move back to the states I am going to make sure we make many more trips home and spend every moment possible with family. I want Chango to know what its like to spend the weekend at the river with family. I want to go to the family reunions (which we're only missing this year because I am too pregnant to fly, makes me sad). I want him to know what quinceaƱeras are. I want him to have memories at all the festivals, funnel cakes, fajita tacos etc etc. Things that we just don't get on a regular basis living far away. We will do our best to go home as often as possible so that he does know these things and learns about his culture. We will do our best to teach him these things at home. 
All in all, I just cant wait to be back in the States where we can fly home more often because it costs a couple hundred dollars not a couple thousand dollars.  Until then, hopefully we will see everyone in December!!!

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