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This is a blog about our life. I started the blog because we lived overseas for my husbands job. That meant it was hard to keep family, back in The States, in the loop about what we were up to. It also became a great way to share my sons birth story with everyone who we wish could have been there. I slowly got busy with life & stopped blogging. Here we are in 2014, living back in the good ol' USA & as we make life changes I find this to be a great way to share my thoughts and save them for my son to look back on someday.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baby Fever!

No not that kind of baby fever; my baby actually has a fever. He was sent home from daycare yesterday with a fever. Ran all night. Finally when I checked his temp about 3:30am it was down. It's after 7 now and still down. Hopefully that's a good sign. No idea what caused it. I pretty much go into crazy mode when he has a fever. I check his temp every two minutes. The mr thinks its hilarious & laughs at me but knows its just something I gotta do. Geez my baby is trying to sleep on construction out back is so loud UGH! Anyways, my husband is awesome. When the kid is sick he sleeps in our bed so I can keep an eye on him all night. The mr's body temp is just too hot to lay in bed w the kid when he has a fever so he made a bed on the floor next to us.  I know he was uncomfortable but he did it anyways. I just love & appreciate him! 

While the kid is rarely sick, he has been sick before so that's not new but what is new this time is that I work. My heart sank when the daycare lady called that Zyon was sick. I felt like I should have been home with him... I also am trying my best not to miss work because I'm new. So the mr picked him up from daycare....(his temp wasn't too high or I would have gone myself). This morning is my first time calling into work. It's really weird for me. It's weird because I always take work serious & don't want to miss days when I don't have to. I never even called in at previous jobs unless I was dying & even then my boss usually had to send me home sick. I guess this is what it's like to be a working mom. I think I take it so hard because I'm making the choice to work. I feel like it could be a non-issue if I was still a SAHM.  Did I make the right choice to start working? I knew the first time he got sick would be the first time I really question the choice I made....
98.2° lets pray it stays that way.

I haven't blogged much. I have been wanting to though. We are always just so busy on the weekends. I want to blog about the kids bday party. Every time we do something I think about how I want to document it for the kid to have to look back on someday. I have to remember to take a minute and write things down for him...

He loves fishing! He either catches Nemo or Bruce LOL
He thinks he is grown. Already floating the frio!
Putting on his new Mohawk helmet! I was shocked when he picked it.
New bike! He is ready! I am told he races the neighbor kid lol 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Goodnight Moon

Ugh! I am so tired. I am sure my body is pissed. Surely it is wondering what happened to being a SAHM. Ha, surprise! First two days at work are history.   
Been four days of school for the kid. He absolutely loves it. He is always ready to go back. The early mornings are taking its toll on him as well. He didn't get a full nap today though so hopefully full naps will help him. Why don't I get a nap? 

Work is good so far. I think I'll enjoy it there. Everyone seems to get along. So rare these days. But I do miss my baby like crazy everyday. Thank goodness it seems like I'll be busy most of the time once I get into the swing of things which will make my days go by faster & the sooner I get to my baby the better! 

The tshirt we ordered for the kid for his bday arrived today....getting excited for his bday party! 3!!!! Eeekkkk!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

We did it!

We survived day 2 of daycare. Well, we refer to it as school. Ever since the kid understood his neighbor friend went to school all day he has asked to go too. Day 2 was easy for the kid. Once again he said bye, love you and sent me on my way. Didn't even get up from playing with some trains to give me a hug. I figured day 2 was a good test. Now he understands he is going to be there all day, would he stay or would he say heck no you're not leaving me here all day again! He was a-ok being there again. Of course I have a hard time being gone from him all day. It is easier though since he is happy there and wants to be there. I don't even know what I would do if he cried every time I dropped him off. Well I am sure I would cry too. I keep telling myself that it's good for him. His teacher truly is a teacher (no she really has an education in teaching) and has a passion for teaching kids. I am excited to see how much he learns. The first day she let me know they read a story before nap time. I didn't ask about it but asked the kid when we got home. He kept talking about Mac & Cheese. Huh? I was like yeah okay whatever LOL I didn't know why he was talking about Mac & cheese. So yesterday I asked her what the story was about and she said MAC & CHEESE! My baby really paid attention lol she said he doesn't like to stay sitting for the story so she was surprised he was really listening. He even asked to hear it again for story time yesterday. I just love him! 
It is crazy how fast my little man is growing up. He will be THREE in a couple weeks. We are gearing up for his birthday party! I can't wait to see if he goes down the waterslide. I'm sure as soon as he sees the kid from next door do it he will go too...I hope! 
Hopefully headed to the lake today so the guys can get some fishing done and we can have some BBQ! I should mention I love being back home in Texas with family. I should blog about it ;) 
Someone likes selfies!
Learned from his Tia Alice
Such a big boy now...helping dad measure!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Big Changes

First day of daycare! 
Ready to go! 

7am. Laying in bed, full face of makeup & hair done. This is the second day of getting used to waking up early for new job. Yup, I got a real job. A grown up, mon-Fri job. I dont start til Monday but I used yesterday & today to get us adjusted/ready. Us? Well getting a job also means D.A.Y.C.A.R.E for my baby! Yikes! I knew it'd be hard to let him go but it's stomach upsetting hard. Yesterday wasn't so bad. He is going to an in-home daycare ran by someone we know & for whom I have babysat for. So it wasn't as hard leaving him there as it would've been in a real daycare. I can't express how much I wish someone in the family would've been able to come watch him but no such luck. 

Why work? So I've been asked by a few people why am I going to work if I have such a hard time leaving him & financially we are okay without Income from me. It's easy. He won't be home with me forever. Next fall he would go to pre-k and then it's off to kinder. If I waited until then it would be 8yrs out of the workforce for me and 3yrs since I finished my degree basically making it irrelevant.  I have always wanted to work. Actually growing up my dream was to be a working mom with a stay at home husband. <---Crazy right? Having been a SAHM for 3 years has been AMAZING! I wouldn't do anything different well maybe I'd wait another year to apply for jobs lol 

Money, money, money. I have a good amount of student loan debt. Honestly, if I didn't I probably wouldn't care if my degree went to waste but I absolutely hate feeling like we spent all the money for a piece of paper on the wall.  Granted my new position isn't in my degree field, I do think I was chosen because I have a degree. Paying for daycare...HOLY COW! It's expensive. I can't say for certain that this job is permanent because it may end up just not being worth it when we consider daycare costs. It's already $100/month more than we had wanted to pay. But even at the rate we want to pay it'll be a good chunk of my check. So once we really see what I'll be bringing home we will decide if its worth or if I'm just working to pay for daycare & have a couple dollars leftover <---not worth it!  

Bubble guts. Leaving my baby all day is super rough on me. I feel like today is even harder than yesterday FOR ME. Yesterday was pretty easy for him. He said bye, love you & didn't mind that I left. Wahhhh :( that does make it easier for me though. The last time we attempted daycare a year ago he cried, I cried & he never went back LOL yup I'm that mom.

So here we go...Day be cont. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spain Day 1

Memorial Day weekend we decided to head to Spain. Spain was one of our "Must See's" before we PCS. I have to say that, if Spain were the only place we visited while here I would be fine with that. It was so beautiful. Something about it was so calming and peaceful. It has been a rough year in my family and I really enjoyed the relaxation and peacefulness. It is kind of odd that it was so peaceful because where we stayed is such a tourist area. I don't know if we just picked a good time of year or what, but it was amazing.
So our adventure.
We flew out early on a Thursday morning. I was a little nervous about this flight because it was the first time the kid would be flying as a lap baby. He has always had his own seat when we fly. Now that he is older, he likes to move around so I was worried he would be restless. He did great though. We arrived in Spain, got our luggage and walked to the rental car place. The rental car place was actually off airport grounds. I was afraid it was going to be a nightmare. It was less than a 5 minute walk. We were already HOT. It was pretty cool when we left Germany. We ran the AC in the car ASAP. Getting into the car was fun because they park the cars like sardines in a can there. It didn't take long and we were on our way to the hotel. It was a quick drive to Lloret De Mar, The town we would be staying in. We took a few wrong turns trying to get to the hotel. And the roads were super tiny. Eventually we found the hotel and a parking spot. We were super early though for check in. We figured we could hang out at the beach until check in. I needed to change The Kids diaper though, so we went to ask to use the restroom in the lobby. To our surprise our room was ready to go and we could check in already. YAY! Their system is rather outdated so check in was a much longer process than what we are used to, but the lady at the front desk was super friendly. I was super excited to get to our room and see our room and our amazing view.
On the plane

Waiting for dad to get the car

Our little patio to our room

What a view

Getting some sunscreen

Getting some sun

9 Months

Okay, I haven't blogged in forever. I am determined to catch up. The kid was 9 months back in April. Here are his stats from his 9 month appointment. He weighed 22.81 lbs and was 29.13 inches long. Here are some pics from that time period.
The Kid ready for his first Easter

We finally chopped all that crazy hair off!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We have a 6 month old!

Crazy, crazy! Can't believe our little man is already 6 months old...well he is almost 7 months old already but Im behind in blogging. So we needs stats. First let's start with his Dr appt. I normally don't mind his appointments at all because I really like his Dr and he seems pretty good at what he does. However, I was thrown for a loop when we got back to the exam room because the nurse or whoever he was said "she'll be right in". Umm...his Dr is a male....whatever. I figured what the heck. We're here we'll see her. Wish I would have just rescheduled. There wasn't anything WRONG with her really, I just didn't like her as much as I like his Dr. His Dr really checks him out and goes over everything in detail. I felt she was just more interested in telling me how cute he was and how strong he was....I mean this stuff I already know LOL. Anyways, it was a short visit...and this it was time for SHOTS! Ohhhh man. This kid is like the miniature Hulk. I kind of felt bad for the guy giving him shots because This Kid was not about to let him hold his legs in place, he pulled them right out of his hands. Shots were much more painful this time for whatever reason. He was one upset baby. Of course a bottle took care of that RIGHT AWAY. And just like that we were on our way home. So the stats...
Weight: 19lb 3oz
Length 27.5in
Head Circumference: 17.5in
So he is in about the 75th %  for all of these. He is a healthy happy baby boy!

On his 6 month birthday he started eating FOOD!

and he started using sippy cups

Right after shots

Helping dad with homework
Happy baby