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This is a blog about our life. I started the blog because we lived overseas for my husbands job. That meant it was hard to keep family, back in The States, in the loop about what we were up to. It also became a great way to share my sons birth story with everyone who we wish could have been there. I slowly got busy with life & stopped blogging. Here we are in 2014, living back in the good ol' USA & as we make life changes I find this to be a great way to share my thoughts and save them for my son to look back on someday.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Birth Story

At about 3:30am Thursday July 28th I woke up to go pee just like any other night. This time was different though. As soon as I woke up I felt a "pop". While walking to the restroom my water just started gushing out. I couldn'tstop it so I knew my water had broke and I wasn't just peeing on myself. So while on the toilet I called for The Mr. Oddly he woke up right away. Usually a takes a few tries but not this time. I told him that My water broke. He said I was just peeing on myself. Ha, I walked back into our room and just keep leaking, there was no stopping it. So I told him we were headed to the hospital. I felt gross though from all that running down my legs so I asked if he thought I had time to shower. Not sure why I asked him. Anyways, I decided to go ahead and shower since I wasn't having any contractions. While I showered he got me a duffel bag to pack. I guess he realized it really was my water breaking and we weren't coming home right away. Once I showered I packed my bag. This was a comical and gross experience because Im a lucky one that the fluid just kept coming. So I stood on a doggie piddle pad while I packed. If people could see it they would have laughed and been grossed out at the same time. I know I was. Once I was packed we headed to the hospital. We arrived to L&D around 4:45am.
The midwife hooked me up to monitor Changos rate and then she examed me to make sure it really was my water that had broke. Sure enough, no doubt about it, he was ready to make his entrance, 4 weeks early!
So on a side note, I was totally grossed out feeling like I peed all over myself. But once the midwife examed me she put together this pad, extra large panty combo that was super padded but I didnt have to feel the amniotic fluid leaking anymore. Woohoo! Who knew I would be so happy to be wearing that huge pad.
So the Dr that was on call came in and did and ultrasound to see if Chango was still breech. He was. Since I wasn't having very many contractions and they didnt really hurt yet they said we would wait until 8 or 9am so they didnt have to wake up the Dr.
Around 5:30 maybe 5:45 they put me into my room and said now we just wait. Well it felt like waiting forever. Aroud 6:15 my real contractions started. They were coming quick and super strong. The midwife came sometime after 7 and I told her how bad my contractions were and she did an exam and I had dialated to 2-3. She said she was going to call and see if we were going in at 8 or 9. She came back in and said it was time to go. They would do the c-section at 8am. So we headed back to L&D to prep me for surgery. That was an adventure.
The midwife couldn't get my vein to put in the IV. She tried 3 places, multiple times. Finally she called in someone else. She too had a hard time but got it on the 2nd try. The entire time they were poking me, I was having contractions. They hurt pretty bad. I have no idea how people  go through those without pain meds. I mean I guess I survived but Im sure they would have got worse if I was actually giving birth.
Once all prepped we headed down to the OR. The Germans, well at least this hospital, have a pretty cool set up for the OR. I was wheeled in and there was an entire team of people waiting. They all introduced themselves but I could have cared less. I just wanted drugs for the contractions.  Finally, right before I got the spinal they gave me a shot to stop the contractions. The last two contractions were beyond horrible. Once again, I cant imagine giving birth without serious pain meds LOL.
So once I was all strapped in, they brought the Mr in. And within minutes they were holding Chango up over the curtain for us to see, it was 8:31am. He was pissed, crying already. They took him away right away. Being 4 weeks early he had to be checked out. He had his own room next to me OR full of machines etc. Luckily, he didnt need the machines. Everything checked out great. Great lungs, great heart! He settled down as soon as they handed him to The Mr.  He held him for awhile then they let me touch him.
After a few minutes Chango and The Mr left to head up to L&D while I was sewn up.
So at 8:31am on July 28, 2011 Chango was born weighing 7.6lbs and 21.6in long.

Fresh out of the belly!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

He has a BirthDate

So today was my 36 week checkup. I won't actually be 36 weeks until Wednesday but The Mr was off today so we went ahead and scheduled the appointment for today. All is well. However, Chango is still breech. We went ahead and scheduled a c-section. He is also very big, 3480grams which is about 7.6lbs. Yeah, hes not a little baby. He is measuring in the 90th percentile. I am 100% comfortable having a c-section. I know some women really want to experience natural birth. Call me crazy, but I don't mind either way, as long as he is safely brought into this world, I really don't care. So I am not at all sad that I will not be having him naturally. Well, technically, if he flips before my c-section then I will go back to having him naturally. We just wait and see. So until then we just wait. I check into the hospital the day before my surgery. So everyone mark your calenders, as long as everything is good from here on out, god willing, Chango will be making his entrance on August 11, 2011!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So some people have noticed I deactivated my Facebook account. It's not the end of the World. I can re-activate it at any time, and I am sure I will once I get bored enough without it. I had wrote out my thoughts on deactivating it but I decided to just leave it alone. I shall get back on there soon enough and do a serious edit of the "friends" list. Until then....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

34 weeks!

Only 6 weeks left to go! However, I will probably not make it to 40 weeks. I think Chango has his own plan to make an entrance into the World before then.
We had a doctors appointment yesterday. Good news is that I haven't gained any weight. HAHA, good news for me at least. In other news, I won't call it bad news because it really isn't, Chango is still breech. My Dr has said that it is up to me what I want to do as far as delivery in the event he does not flip. Here they will allow me to attempt a vaginal delivery even though he is breech, as long as he is under 3000 grams, roughly 6.6 pounds. Anything bigger than that and the midwives, who normally handle deliveries here, suggest a c-section. So at my next appointment I have to decide if I want to schedule a c-section or not. Even though we will be scheduling it, it won't actually be until 8-10 days before my due date. In the event he decides to flip before then, then we would do a natural birth. Or I can just not schedule it and wait and see what happens. My Dr has left it up to me at this point. I like that but at the same time its a tough decision. For now, I will wait until my next appointment and see how things are.
Chango is doing good. He is currently 2488 grams or 6.2lbs. UHH YEAH, that is an entire pound more than he should be at this stage. Of course ultrasounds this late in the game can be off by up to two pounds. So, at this rate I will not even be allowed to attempt a vaginal breech delivery because of his size. The Mr thinks he is going to try and break the record of that 16lb baby born in Texas recently, YEAH RIGHT!!!!
That is all for now, will update again after my two week appointment. I didn't take pictures of my belly today so I will just add another one from our maternity photo shoot!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


So I am sitting here at the computer listening to Tejano music. Makes me super homesick. Back home in Texas we can turn the radio on at any moment and hear some good ol' Tejano music. Most weekends you can even find a band to go see. Anyways...I know I was born and raised in a different state but that state will never be home to me. Texas is home. Texas will always be home to us. I'm sitting here thinking about all the things Chango is going to miss out on because he will be a Military brat and not raised in Texas. Sure we can go home and visit often but its not the same as being immersed in the culture 24/7. I am super grateful for the opportunities he will have because he is the child of a military member but I wish we could have our cake and eat it too.
Some people might think I am crazy because we live in Europe and I would rather be in Texas. Europe is great for travel and fun but I would not want to live here forever and LOVE LOVE the United States! We miss out on so much being so far away. Sure we can make memories here, but I would much rather have memories of time with family than touring Europe. When we do finally move back to the states I am going to make sure we make many more trips home and spend every moment possible with family. I want Chango to know what its like to spend the weekend at the river with family. I want to go to the family reunions (which we're only missing this year because I am too pregnant to fly, makes me sad). I want him to know what quinceaƱeras are. I want him to have memories at all the festivals, funnel cakes, fajita tacos etc etc. Things that we just don't get on a regular basis living far away. We will do our best to go home as often as possible so that he does know these things and learns about his culture. We will do our best to teach him these things at home. 
All in all, I just cant wait to be back in the States where we can fly home more often because it costs a couple hundred dollars not a couple thousand dollars.  Until then, hopefully we will see everyone in December!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Photo Shoot

Yesterday The Mr and I had our very first photo shoot. Next month we will celebrate 7 years together and these are our very first professional photographs together. I could not be any happier with the results. Well technically I haven't even seen all the pictures yet, just the sneak peek the photographer posted on Facebook for us to see. She did an amazing job. I am super impressed with her skills. She is a naturally talented photographer. I know that she is going to have an amazing career in the field. We were her first maternity clients and from the results of the pictures you would never know, she is just a natural. I can not even begin to tell her how talented she is and how thankful we are for these pictures. I would be happy to pose for her to help her build her portfolio any day. Can't wait to see what she has in store next month.
So here are a couple of the pics from the shoot. 

Please respect her photography and do not crop or edit the pics, thank you :)

Today is the 4th of July, so we will probably head to the base later for the festivities that they have going on and for the fireworks show they do. Not too much going on this week. Should be pretty laid back. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another Surprise Shower

So yesterday I thought I was headed to a bbq at a friends house. I had no idea it was actually another surprise baby shower for us. I actually walked in and hurried to the restroom because I swear I was about to pee my pants LOL. I had no idea there was a living room full of people waiting for me OOPS. They were super awesome. Love my friends here in Germany. I know my time with them is limited, such is military life. It sucks when you meet good people like them and know that there is a chance in a couple years, some as soon as next year, we may never see again. Oh, I better get back to the point of this blog, the baby shower. Lots of yummy food. Even had some new stuff that was yummy. A friend even made one of those watermelon baby carriages. How crafty. I am so not that talented.

The cake was made at a German cake, it was fun to not have a typical American baby shower cake. Even better was that the filling was super yummy. Dont ask what it was because we dont know. Thats life in a foreign country with a language barrier.

It was a great shower. Loved spending time with friends. Thank you again to all of those involved and all of those that attended. It means so much to use. Chango is going to love seeing all these pics someday when he is old enough to understand.

We just got home a couple hours ago from our maternity photo shoot. Cant wait to see the results.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

32 weeks Pics

So I was a little late taking my 32 weeks pics. These are actually from 32 weeks 2 days, but who is actually counting right? LOL