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This is a blog about our life. I started the blog because we lived overseas for my husbands job. That meant it was hard to keep family, back in The States, in the loop about what we were up to. It also became a great way to share my sons birth story with everyone who we wish could have been there. I slowly got busy with life & stopped blogging. Here we are in 2014, living back in the good ol' USA & as we make life changes I find this to be a great way to share my thoughts and save them for my son to look back on someday.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I happen to really like Fridays. 1) Friday means that the The Mr will be home with me for the weekend and I won't have to talk to myself all day. 2) I do not cook on Fridays. This is a big deal for me. I try to cook us a good dinner the rest of the week. However, dinner on Friday is my day off. Take Out Fridays we like to call it. The Mr usually picks us up something on his way home from work. Most Fridays I pick what I want but occasionally he just surprises me. Even though we don't really have a big selection of restaurants to get take out from, I really like not cooking. This is probably because I am a super messy cook and not cooking = no mess to clean up. 3)Friday usually also means we are getting out of the house at least one day for the weekend. Okay, so some weekends we just head to up the bigger base nearby and do a little shopping or my fav, enjoy a strawberry lemonade at Chilis. At least we are out of the house. So yes I am happy today is Friday. 
This weekend we have a little trip planned. I feel a little bad because The Mr has a slight cold. I hate for him to get even more sick while we are out sightseeing. However, the trip is booked and he says he is fine to go. Someday he will learn to bundle up better and not catch these colds he seems to always get in the winter. I guess that is what happens when you think shorts are appropriate for winter. Oh I just remembered another reason I like Fridays. Most of the time I have my school work all done for the week and don't have to worry about it again until Monday and some weeks I even wait until Tuesdays to start working on it.I can't believe that next week I have midterms already for my current classes. School goes by so quick some weeks. This was the hardest week of work so far this semester. I am glad it is almost over. 
It snowed a lot here yesterday. I am not a fan of snow but The Mr loves it. It is really beautiful outside our kitchen window. Lots of Pine Trees covered in snow. It is so beautiful to see all the chimneys with smoke coming out, with snow covered trees as a backdrop. Almost looks like a photograph.
Until Next Time, The Mrs. 

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