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This is a blog about our life. I started the blog because we lived overseas for my husbands job. That meant it was hard to keep family, back in The States, in the loop about what we were up to. It also became a great way to share my sons birth story with everyone who we wish could have been there. I slowly got busy with life & stopped blogging. Here we are in 2014, living back in the good ol' USA & as we make life changes I find this to be a great way to share my thoughts and save them for my son to look back on someday.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

8 Weeks

WOW, The Kid is almost 8 weeks old already. Thursday is the day. Crazy how fast time is going. Seems like we just brought him home yesterday. He is getting so big so fast. Yesterday, The Mr and I emptied out a plastic tote so that we can start putting all the clothes Chango grows out of into it. There are a ton of clothes he never even got to wear. Today I will go through his drawers and re-organize them and take out the stuff he already outgrew. I am beyond glad that we didn't spend a ton of money on clothes before he was born.
This morning we had a first. His first explosive diaper. Yes, we made it 8 weeks without poop coming out of a diaper. Today however, I was going to change him b/c he spit up on his clothes. Well when I put my hand on his back to lift him off his dirty outfit I felt something squishy. EWW!!! Sure enough...poop out the top of the back of the diaper. I have to say I am very impressed with my WalMart diapers. They held it all in around the legs, I was surprised b/c this was a crazy amount of poop! And even the amount the came out the back wasn't much. Just enough to gross me out and laugh b/c it was our first time dealing with this, probably not the last though. I should have taken a pic to gross everyone out LOL. A friend keeps asking me if I feel like a mom yet. Well this morning while cleaning up all his crap LITERALLY, I sure felt like a mom. He probably thinks I am crazy since I literally laugh out loud. I mean what else can ya do? He of course smiles through the entire process. Oh yes, He smiles now. I was beginning to think he was never going to smile. But now he smiles at us throughout the day. I can never get him to smile for the camera, but here is the closest I got.

Man can this kid eat. I am always amazed at how much he eats. Where in the heck does it all go? It won't be long before we have to put away the 4oz bottles and get out the big 8oz bottles. Some days we end up making one extra ounce because 4 is not enough for him. So I know it won't be long until we retire his little bottles. It's kind of crazy because they are still in such good condition. I wish we were in the states so I could donate all this stuff. 
Last week Chango and I started walking for an hr a day. Unfortunately, I have had a small set back in my healing from the c-section so no more walking for now. Anyways, we finally started using his stroller. He slept through all the walks. Thank the lord! I didn't take any pics OOPS, whenever we can start walking again I will take some...actually we probably wont because the weather here is changing.
Our landlord actually came Sunday and turned the heat on for us.
The Mr and I are good. Busy busy with school still. It never ends. Well hopefully it will end for me in 2 years, God willing! I guess that is all I have to say for now. So here are a couple pics of The Kid!! Enjoy!

This is an older pic, he was still in Newborn size!

 HAHAHAHA can you tell we just throw stuff on him!!

He loves bath time!!

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  1. What a sweetheart! It is hard because they grow so fast! My oldest is 7 tomorrow and I just can't believe it.